Jet boat store/Topless Racing! What can we say? We are a dragboat racing team that has done very well. With all modesty we were the High Points Champions in River Racer in 2003. Then we backed that up with Runnner Up honors in 2004. RIVER RACER is a category that the racer can dial in a time 12 seconds and slower. Example: two boats running, one sets his 1/4 mile time at 12.3 and the other at 15.2 ; the clock is staggered so the 15.2 boat leaves first and in the difference in the time the 12.3 boat leaves. The boat running closest to its time wins (ha ha). Don't forget the reaction time. Now enter the reaction time of the boat who caught a better light. This is the time the driver is responsible for. Reaction time is the boat closest to the green which starts the clock without being too early which turns it red and that creates a foul (Red light) left too early. Similar to NHRA EXCEPT; we have 125ft. that is the difficult part. It's a little confusing and very tough, but that is what makes it fun . Most boats can run this category with the correct safety setup for info go to RACING RULES

Jet boat store/Topless Racing ! Here we go again! Ron can't seem to leave the motor alone. We built a 514 cid ford and this moved us into the next class (STOCK ELIMINATOR) This is the 11 second class. This is not a dial in class, closest boat to 11 seconds wins,oh don't forget the reaction time. I forgot to tell you in the 11 second class you cannot go faster than 11 seconds. If you run 10.9999 this is called a break out, and if you break out you lose, and if both boats break out the lesser breakout wins. We had our motor troubles in 2005, but we squeaked out the championship once again to be the Division 1 Stock Eliminator Champion.

Jet boat store/Topless Racing! Guess what?? We are pregnant!!! The Topless Racing team was expecting a new one. The Topless team has Ron jr. who raced a jet ski one year and ran River racer a couple of times with our other boat (Get n Jiggi wit it) He is our up a coming driver so watch out!!! Now back to the new one, we took a break and did not compete all year. We went to the races easiest to attend. We were blessed with a healthy baby boy (GAGE). Stephanie (Ron's Daughter) is attending medical school and with her busy schedule she is always missed at the races.

Jet boat store/Topless Racing! We rebuilt again! Talk about a face lift. We have always ran a Ford until now. The Topless power plant turned Chevy### the 454 cid Chevy with an 871 blower has ran great and moved us into the MODIFIED ELIMINATOR CLASS. This class is a 10 second class same rules apply as stock eliminator. We have used the 2007 season to get the boat dialed in. We ran 3 races this year, Phoenix - we made it to the semi - Marble Falls Texas - #1 qualifier but we were eliminated in the second round. San Diego - We were #1 qualifier and took the Runner Up honors to Kenny Shaw. We are looking forward to the WORLD FINALS in Phoenix - WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

Jet boat store/Topless Racing! Lightning strikes again! We welcome a new baby boy into our world. Treydon is now 1.5 years old and into everything but has a smile that will touch your heart. We started the 2009 opener with a first round eliminations with Bob Prigmore(abracadabra) boat which he was victorious. The boat ran well just not our day. The chowchilla race was moved to Phoenix because of lack of water. We ran Reed in the first round and we took the win, with a bye to the final. We ended up running Prigmore in the final again and with same result, Prigmore took the win. That guy is good!!! Then we headed to San Diego where the weather is great. The boat was running a little to good we clicked off a 9.59 et. so we needed to slow her down. We were paired up with Prigmore again and he took the win. I can't seem to get away from this guy!!! We hope to talk to you all soon!